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  68 Updated Mistress Profiles
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Miss Brook  
Miss Brook
Sheffield, United Kingdom
My name is Miss Brook and I am a full time Dominatrix. I session from my own fully equiped dungeon in Rotherham. I class myself as a natural "new age" dominatrix with my own unique style, with a curvy figure which I know just how to show off. Once you step foot into my premises I will be your addictive pleasure. Miss Brook x
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Goddess Summer-Jane  
Goddess Summer-Jane
Brighton, United Kingdom
Follow me to my Fetish Queendom! Free Photos and videos! Oppertunities to serve online and in person
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Mistress Var  
Mistress Var
London, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Mistress Var is an experienced Professional London and Worcestershire Dominatrix who offers Victorian Corporal Punishment, Sissy Slut Training, Full Sissy Transformation and Adult Baby Services.
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Mistress Violet  
Mistress Violet
basildon, United Kingdom
I am a Professional Mistress specializing in CP, CBT, NT, Foot worship, Humiliation and more.
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