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United Kingdom

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Miss Hunter  
Miss Hunter
London/Heathrow/Glasgow, United Kingdom
Petite, sadistic, well-educated blonde with a penchant for violence and psychological torment. A no-nonsense dominant, but still with a terrifically-honed sense of humour and refreshing lack of clichés.
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NYC Mistress Simone Siren  
NYC Mistress Simone Siren
London, United Kingdom
A New York Bitch with a sharp tongue, short temper and sinister intentions. Curvy Femdom, Bossy & Tattooed, and eager to put you in your place.
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Mistress Annabella  
Mistress Annabella
Glasgow City, United Kingdom
My name is Mistress Annabella I am a professional Scottish Dominatrix located in Glasgow. MY sessions take place in Scotlands largest Adult Playground situated in Glasgow city centre a, very discreet, private Premises with Various, Themed fully equipped Playrooms. I am very strict though fair Mistress. I am a real Dominatrix driven by my boundless imagination and sadistic instincts. I love to stretch your boundaries both physically and psychologically, making you endure more for me. I...
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Mistress Poshtotti  
Mistress Poshtotti
Haverfordwest, United Kingdom
I have to warn you, once you have entered the Kingdom of Mistress Poshtotti, I will become your all consuming thought, Your Mistress, your Godddess. I am based in fully equiped, discreet, easily accessible premises in South Wales.
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Madame Margi
Preston, United Kingdom
I am the true Dominatrix of the North West. I have a passion for leather and high heels.You'll find me strict sadistic and seriously sincere. Your pain is my pleasure.
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Mistress Jasmine Trix
London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast, Dublin, United Kingdom
A petite, busty, brunette who loves nothing more than using subs for her pleasure.. Her style of domination is a mix of sensual, wicked and playful. She is a fun, powerful, dominant Woman with an extremely seductive nature that can make any man submit.
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