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Mistress Ava Black  
Mistress Ava Black
Scotland, United Kingdom
Strict sensuous ebony dominant Ava is available for sessions in London, England. For details of play interests and experience please visit the site.
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Mistress Affinity  
Mistress Affinity
Glasgow, Scotland , United Kingdom
Glasgow, Scotland based Dominatrix, Gothic and Fetish model Passionate about all things Dark! I stand tall and Dominant at almost 6ft with heels that shall be worshiped and obedience taught! Over many years as model I have further developed a career as a professional young dominatrix. Alternative, long waist length hair that is black as night, I can make your Dark Fantasies come out to play. "Tall with hair as long and dark as a moonless night and skin as pure and pale as lilies in the...
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Sara Lips Wrestling  
Sara Lips Wrestling
Central London, United Kingdom
Sara is a renowned female wrestler who tours the world offering, mixed wrestling, female domination and various other BDSM services. Sara has also filmed with many well known mixed wrestling companies across the US. She comes across as sweet, innocent, girl next door type, but once she unleashes her alter ego, BEWARE, Princess Pain is her name!
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Madame Margi
Preston, United Kingdom
I am the true Dominatrix of the North West. I have a passion for leather and high heels.You'll find me strict sadistic and seriously sincere. Your pain is my pleasure.
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Vivienne l'Amour
Nottingham, United Kingdom
A young British Goddess, based at Celestial Studios in Derby. I am a particularly versatile Mistress with a uniquely sensual style. I have the facilities to fulfil all your desires. My fully equipped fetish playspace includes: - Cuckolding Chamber, - CrossDressing Wardrobe, - Dungeon, - Medical Suite, - Pet Play Arena & Stable, - Prison Cell, - Schoolroom, - Suspension Space -The Red Room
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